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James Malachowski - CEO & Co-Founder

James Malachowski co-founded our company and has served as CEO since the beginning. Before NodePrime, James worked at Dell in the Enterprise Solutions Group covering the largest Cloud, SaaS, and gaming companies. Before Dell, James spent 4 years at Cisco covering the public sector as a pre-sales engineer. James is a graduate of the University of Southern California with a BS in Electrical Engineering.

Nathan Rockhold - CTO & Co-Founder

Nathan Rockhold co-founded our company and has served as CTO since the beginning. Before NodePrime, Nate worked at Dell in the Enterprise Solutions Group covering the largest Cloud, SaaS, and gaming companies. Before Dell, Nate held various technical and software development roles for HP, Perot Systems, SAIC and the Department of Defense. Previously, Nate co-founded R-Cubed Technologies, a multi-million dollar provider of integrated Linux solutions for laptops, desktops and servers. Nathan is a graduate of Western Illinois University with a BS in Computer Science and Mathematics.

Alex Moore - COO

Alex Moore joined NodePrime fulltime in June of 2014 as our COO. Before NodePrime, Alex was the first employee at Palantir, a multi-billion dollar big data analytics company. After Palantir, Alex was the COO of Backplane, a community interaction platform. Alex is a graduate of Stanford University with a BS in Economics.

Jeremie Miller - Chief Scientist

Jeremie Miller joined NodePrime in June of 2014 as our Chief Scientist. Jeremie is the inventor of Jabber/XMPP technologies and was the primary developer of jabberd 1.0, the first XMPP server. He also wrote one of the very first XML parsers in JavaScript. Jeremie is currently working on another open standard, telehash, a secure wire protocol powering a decentralized overlay network for apps and devices.

Derek Slayton - VP of Sales

Derek Slayton joined NodePrime in April of 2014 as our VP of Sales. Before NodePrime, Derek led the Large Enterprise Web|Tech vertical at Dell managing some of the most complex customers in the social media, gaming, and XaaS industries. He brings more than 15 years of experience in the technology industry, in areas ranging from servers, storage, networking and data protection software.

Bob Bae - VP of Platform Engineering

Bob Bae joined NodePrime in January of 2014 as our VP of Platform Engineering. Before NodePrime, Bob was a significant contributor to the early stage efforts of NetApp, Wind River and Aspera. Bob has been a software developer for over 30 years and has contributed to several diverse efforts including Call of Duty: Ghosts, The Mars Landers, and even a project that generates music from traffic data collected from sensors embedded in I-80 to name a few. Bob has a BS from Ohio State University.

Derek Douville - Director of Tools & Infrastructure

Derek Douville joined NodePrime in May of 2014 as our Director of Tools & Infrastructure. Before NodePrime, Derek was Director of Quality at Piston Cloud, an OpenStack company. Derek brings to our team his domain experience in System Administration, Security, QA and Software Development. Derek began as a UNIX System Administrator for companies like Cognos (IBM) and Netscape. He went on to lead Test Automation and Security Compliance efforts at nCircle, Rovi and Irdeto, who operate in the DRM and network security industries.

John S. Dvorak - Lead Data Scientist

John S. Dvorak joined NodePrime in June of 2013 as our Lead Data Scientist. Before NodePrime, John went through Hack Reactor, an intense 3-month development bootcamp where he developed supercomputer.js, a distributed in-browser map-reduce client that was featured in WIRED magazine. Before Hack Reactor John held various roles in data science and SEO. John has a BA in Computational Linguistics from The Evergreen State College.

Elle Beal - Software Engineer - Frontend

Elle Beal joined NodePrime in August of 2013 as our Frontend Software Engineer. Before NodePrime, Elle went through Hack Reactor, an intense 3-month development bootcamp where she developed Reddit Insight, a data analysis and visualzation platform for Reddit that was featured in TechCrunch. Elle has a BS in Industrial Design from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh.

Dr. Athan Reines - Data Scientist

Dr. Athan Reines joined NodePrime in September of 2013 as our Data Scientist. Before NodePrime, Athan was a Data Scientist at Decoded where he built data analytics and data visualization software. Athan has a PhD in Biological Physics from the University of Oxford and a BS in Physics, Mathematics and Philosphy from St. Peter's College.

Jared Hanson - Lead Software Engineer - Backend

Jared Hanson joined NodePrime in November of 2013 as our Lead Software Engineer. Before NodePrime Jared was a Software Engineer at Sifteo. Prior to Sifteo Jared was one of the first Engineers at Aspera (Acquired by IBM) where he worked on highly efficient file-transfer protocols and large-scale distributed systems. Jared is also the creator of Locomotive.js and Passport.js, the most widely adopted authentication framework for Node.js. Jared has as BS in Computer Engineering from the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology.

David Mather - Software Engineer

Also known as "Data Dave", David Mather joined NodePrime in summer 2013 as our Intern. Before NodePrime David was a Network Administration Intern at VMware. David is a Graduate from UC Berkeley with a BA in Computer Science.



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